EL Yunque

El yunque is the only rainforest in the US National Forest Service. Here you can find more than 240 species of plants spread across valleys, rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails and more. If you want to go on the hiking trails of El Yunque we recommend you to take a look at our previous article “El Yunque National Forest and its Hiking Trails”. In the Outskirts of El Yunque you will find Las Paylas Water Slide where you can enjoy a natural slide that is super fun for everyone, have a picnic or enjoy the natural water pools. For the more adrenaline seeker you can book a zipline experience that will take you between trees and over the canopy level of the trees, witnessing all the magical rainforest around you.

La Paseadora

Rio Grande is home to the only navigable river in all of Puerto Rico. Rio Espiritu Santo starts up high in the waterfalls of El Yunque and its joined by streams and other rivers making it navigable for small boats. La Paseadora is a small, family-run company that offers boat trips up and down the river. Enjoy the beauty of this diverse 5 mile long ecosystem. We encourage you to ask about the myths and legends surrounding the river during your trip.

Las Picuas Beach

Las Picuas Beach is located on PR-968 near an urban area and is partially covered by trees giving it lots of natural shade. This beautiful beach is home to beautiful crystal turquoise waters and golden sand, perfect for those who want to relax, bring their pet to the beach, sunbathing and stand-up paddle or kayaking. Most of the time this beach is very peaceful and quiet. There are no amenities so we recommend you bring your own food and drinks and remember to take the trash with you. We recommend you to watch the sunrise on this beach and you won’t forget it.

Balneario La Monserrate

Just a short drive away from Rio Grande you will find El Balneario La Monserrate located in Luquillo. This beach is managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and because of this it has some “perks”. These “perks” include private parking, bathroom, showers, green areas, picnic areas, water sport rentals and more. El Balneario La Monserrate is a really long beach so it’s almost guaranteed that you will find plenty of space to relax or hang out with your friends. Behind this beach are the Luquillo Kiosks where you can buy something to drink or eat some of the local food.

The Luquillo Kiosks

Behind El Balneario La Monserrate are the Luquillo Kiosks (you will see them from the street). They are a row of around 60 stores and restaurants selling souvenirs, local food and drinks. When you visit you will find that all of the shops vary in style, price and taste, most of them are open-air facing the street while some others have a second floor when you can enjoy a view of the beach. This is the perfect place to go after the beach, hiking in El Yunque or you just want to grab something to eat in a cool place.

Bioluminescent Bay

If you are seeking another eco-friendly adventure we recommend you to go to Laguna Grande in Fajardo. This bioluminescent bay is one of the three bio-bays in Puerto Rico. Here you can see how some microorganism makes the water glow in the dark as you pass with a kayak. You will be surprised when you splash or paddle the water and its changes to neon colors. This is the most visited bio-bay in the island so we suggest you book the trip with time.

Hipodromo Camarero

The Hipodromo Camarero is the center of horse racing in Puerto Rico. Come catch the excitement of every race. There is always entertainment, bets, food and drinks, horse racing and an actual good time even if you are not into horses or horse racing.

Boat Tours & Snorkeling

A short drive away from Rio Grande, in Fajardo you will find many options for having a day trip out in the water. Most trips will take you to Palomino Island or Icaco Island where you can enjoy the calm waters and warm weather. Most of these boats will rent or lend you scuba gear for you to snorkel and watch all the small fish in the coral reefs surrounding the east coast of the island.